Are you reading this post right now on the other side of a Comodore 64? Reluctant to give up that original Walkman? Wondering why you just can’t find any good Betamax tapes these days? Well have we got news for you.

One of the cooler promotions we’re excited to be a part of comes courtesy of FM and Intel who are giving away like some whopping crazy $5,000 tech makeover to a lucky person. And guess who gets to be one of the judges?

We do! And you know how much we love giving things away.

If you’re interested, which really, you should be – head over to, where you can upload pics or video of your or even your friend’s pathetic tech setup (come on, one of you must still be using a rotary phone) then answer a few questions about why you should win. Have fun with it. And do it between now and September 8.

Sadly, we will not be influenced by bribes or butt kissing, mainly because there
are other judges too from other cool websites who could have their own
bribes and butt kissing to contend with. It would just get ugly. But that’s not to say we aren’t rooting for you.