I used to worry that my daughter was damaging her fragile ear drums with a volume set to “too loud.” Thankfully, we now have LoudEnough Volume-Limiting Earphones so when I yell DO YOU HEAR ME? I know that if I don’t get an answer it’s only because she’s ignoring me.

These kid-size earphones use some fancy high-tech function to keep the volume on mp3 players and portable
gaming devices at a safer level. I don’t
know how they do it, but given that these people have worked on the sound equipment
for The Jonas Brothers and Mariah Carey, I take it that they know a thing or two about volume
and sound.

I too know something about volume and sound, namely that I have had too much for too many years. I slip these earphones on, figuring that the 6+ age recommendation must include people as old as me. With soft, removable tips in various sizes, turns out there is one that fits me just fine. Can I ignore my kids now? –Christina

Congratulations to LoudEnough earphones winner, Jeanne M!


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