Not all parents are fortunate enough to have style-obsessed children like I do. Already they shun those mainstream clothing outlets in favor of browsing boutiques with me, while pooh-poohing classmates we encounter in lesser, less expensive preschool duds.

You know I’m kidding, right?

Mostly we stick with the affordable stuff, but it’s always nice to add a few high-fashion la-di-da pieces I really love. For that very thing, take a look at the UK’s Little Fashion Gallery and their high-end selection for infants and kids. You’ll find brands like Little Marc Jacobs, Wowo and Bonpoint with designer prices to match for sure.

Oh, I know. For 50-plus Euros or about $75 you could buy a dozen tees from that place with the big red bullseye. But it won’t say Marc Jacobs on the label, that’s for sure -Julie

Spend 100 Euros on apparel and save 10% with code COOLMOMPICKS. Not that you need it…


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