How absolutely clever to create a line of luxury baby clothes that, instead of an alligator or polo player across the breast, feature an ankh, the Egyptian hieroglyphic meaning life and symbolizing health, happiness, and magical protection. Kind of something you want your baby in on, right?

That’s what new label Little Pharo is serving up beautifully. The quality Egyptian cotton layette essentials have details like simple contrast piping accents and tagless necklines. There are bodysuits, leggings, and cute little caps, but I really like the footsie pajamas as we start to head into footsie pajama season.

Grab a few pieces and ship it off for a super thoughtful if somewhat high-end newborn gift. Because it would seem that Little Pharo’s ankh also provides magical protection against bad shower gifts that the mama can’t wait to return. –Liz

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Congratulations to Little Pharo onesie winner Erin H!


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