Seeing as how much I (and my kids) love See Kai Run, it was only natural that we’d jump on the chance to check out Smaller, their totally new line for the 18-month and younger set. And surprise! I love them too.

It’s not hard to be smitten with super cute designs modeled after big kid shoes as opposed to baby booties. Along with the soft leather uppers, smart soles combine suede and just a bit of rubber so you don’t get the slick bootie bottoms; maybe not a worry for your newborn, but of particular note when your kids start cruising along and need a bit of traction.

With my new daughter set to arrive sometime in October, I’m torn between the lovely pink Tamar, the fall colors of the Ali T-strap (shown) or Tine, a unique twist on the traditional black mary jane for the holidays. But rest assured, even you mamas of baby boys will have trouble picking a favorite pair. Now when was the last time that happened? -Kristen


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