Either some people believed I actually needed twenty pink sleepers, or I got a whole lot of baby gifts that reflected the taste of the giver more than my actual needs. My favorite gifts by far were the little-of-this, little-of-that kinds of things which not only seemed to take more thought, but offered greater chance that something in there will hit the mark.

Progressive gift basket purveyors The Green Perspective, totally get this, putting together packages that are not only eco-conscious, they’re useful. I’m especially impressed with their eco mom + green baby bundle. Everything in it is eco-friendly, and even better, it’s all stuff an environmentally-conscious mom (or really, any mom) will get to use.

The organic New Native Baby Carrier and Evenflo glass bottle will certainly be well employed, and I particularly love the stuffed animal made from recycled sweaters. But you have to love a book about raising a green baby written by a man Parenting magazine called “the Al Gore of Pediatrics.”

And yes, it all comes in a reusable shopping bag. Was there any doubt? –Mir


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