If you want to know a little secret, we covet the amazing designer kid’s clothes that we often feature here at Cool Mom Picks just as much as you do. Our pockets aren’t as deep as we wish they were either. So that’s why we’re loving these new invite-only online sales that are cropping up, like our newest pick, The Mini Social.

You’ll have access to exclusive sales on some of our favorite brands including Nestbabysusu and Nurseryworks decor, and the best part is that there’s no hobnobbing involved to score an invite. Just sign up with your email address and mark your calendar for the limited time sale’s start date. Set the alarm too – it’s first come first serve.

You’ll get amazing deals on brands you might have thought would remain forever on your wish list, and what’s more, The Mini Social donates a portion of their proceeds to excellent women’s and children’s charities. Definitely our kind of social. -Kristen

Sign up now! The first sale starts mid-September.

Congratulations to Charissa C, winner of the $150 gift card for use at The Mini Social!


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