While I’d rather you not call me a Soccer Mom, the fact remains that… well… I am, by definition, a Soccer Mom who spends a lot of Saturday mornings on the field.

I also spend a lot of time vacuuming dirt and grass out of my car, and hollering, “Halt! Take your cleats off before you take one more step, Mister!”

But those days are a thing of the past, thanks to my new favorite invention: Cleatskins. These dad-invented doo-dads are the answer to every soccer mom’s prayers — a flexible rubber overshoe designed to contain those filthy cleats. They come in two styles and a myriad of colors, and while we’ve just been rinsing ours off, they can actually go in the washing machine. My kid’s shoes are protected from damage on the asphalt as we leave the field, and my car, house, and sanity are protected from all of the gunk stuck up in the studs. Perfect. -Mir


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