I used to love going out to eat, knowing that I had no role whatsoever
in the preparation or clean-up. These days, with three kids and a
diaper bag in tow, in the time it takes for
a single sip of wine and a quick glimpse of the menu, six crayons and
two spoons and a package of crackers have already hit the deck.

The mom-daughter invented Neatnik Saucer goes a long way
towards letting me enjoy my wine in peace. It fits over (often grubby) restaurant high chairs and keeps all the toys and food pretty much confined. Made of easy-to-clean oil cloth or chalk cloth and nylon, it collapses into a small pouch that tucks right into the
diaper bag which is a far cry from those enormous traditional covers.

It’s not 100% foolproof of course and it’s not sized for cozy little
bistros. But it’s perfect for most restaurants, even the ones where
they expect to find crayons, spoons, and crackers on the floor. –Julie

Congratulations to Paris Neatnik Saucer winner Elizabeth M!


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