I’m conspicuously absent from photos taken after the birth of each of my babies. I know a lot of you mamas knows what I’m talking about. But it wasn’t even my complexion and weight that were making me camera-shy; it was my lady parts–my tender c-section incision and my ravaged nipples–that were making it nearly impossible for me to crack a smile.

I wish I’d known about Belli’s pregnancy and motherhood skin care lines back then. Originally created by Dr. Jason Rubin for his own wife during her pregnancy, all the ingredients go through strict teratology screening process. Yeah, I didn’t know what it meant either–it means Belli ensures that they have never been linked to birth defects.

Even more impressive to me is the thorough research behind the products; Team Belli really does their homework, so we exhausted mamas and mamas-to-be don’t have to. -Julie


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