I’m not so inclined to follow the trends when it comes to clothing my son, unless that trend happens to be self-washing clothes that withstand blueberry stains. But if the trend is cute and practical, say cardigans for fall, then I’m all over it. Which is why I’m totally into the Grandpa Sweater at Georgie World.

What I love most (other than the name and the fact that it totally does look like a Grandpa sweater) is that it’s actually made out of fleece, so it’s machine washable. Add the diamond trim detail and the fancy buttons and you’ve got a fantastic piece that’s perfect for every day or even special occasions.

Also? It’s devoid of Old Spice and pipe smoke.  -Kristen

Congratulations to Tricia L, winner of a pair of Kustom Jeans and a tee shirt from Georgie World!


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