I’ve never
equated cleaning my house with achieving zen, but while using Posies
Cleaning Products
, I can at least take some deep calming breaths while
I mutter and scrub.

Posies were created by self-proclaimed clean freak
and lover of aromatherapy, Timara Freeman-Young of Seattle, who mixed
great smelling essential oils with all-natural cleaners that work like

Grab a bottle of Happy House
All-Purpose Cleaner
when faced with the toilet used by your not quite potty-trained son, and get the job done without gagging. If you’ve
ever held your breath while scouring you’ll appreciate Scruffy Silk toilet and tub cleaner which blends lavender and peppermint essential oils with baking soda and vinegar. And if you’ve got a nursery or playroom in need of a little de-funking, a few
squirts of the Lemon & Spice Air Freshener and the only thing
that’ll remind you of your angels’ presence will be the mess they’ve
left behind.

No, Posies can’t do the cleaning for you completely. But, they do make it it a lot more pleasant. –Christina

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