My kids love to admire the aisles of Halloween-themed kids’ clothing almost as much as I love to admire the aisles of Halloween-themed candy. But I can’t bring myself to buy any those jack-o-lantern shirts and “happy halloween” bibs because hello, the kids can wear them twice, max. My money’s better spent on Reese’s cups and a personal trainer.

But longtime CMP fave, Playdate NYC, has a great way for your little goblin to get his fill of creepy-crawlies at Halloween and well beyond.  With bats and spiders hand-appliqued in felt on thermal cotton tees, these shirts won’t look out of place come November. They’ll just go from festive to well, a little dark. -Julie

In honor of the website’s snazzy redesign, save 20% on all orders when you write CMP under “special notes” through 9/30


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