The instant I set foot in the Atlanta Beehive Co-op storefront, I knew it was my kind of place. Of course, it didn’t hurt that that I was surrounded with some of our favorite past picks from JacQueline Sanchez jewelry, Blabla Kids, and Lark and Loon, to name a few. However I was also introduced to a ton of fantastic local artisans that I had never met before, courtesy of the great taste of Beehive franchise owner and mom Viviana Campbell.

My newest designer crush is on Mary Sweeney of Felted Heart. Her gorgeous recycled sweater ponchos are to die for. In fact, my daughter wouldn’t leave the shop until she tried every single one on. They’re perfect for the crisp fall weather and into winter if you happen to live in a warmer state like us.

Make sure to peruse the Beehive’s brand new online shop for wonderful handmade gift ideas from jewelry to clothes to bags. Believe me, if you’re a regular Cool Mom Picks reader, or just visiting for the first time (hello! welcome!), you’ll be just as smitten with them as we are. -Kristen

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