Taking my kids to a paint-your-own-pottery place is not in
my job description. The drive there, the
eternity spent as my children pick out the “perfect” piece to paint, my toddler–oh my toddler– in that room of breakables… and then I pay a ton for the privilege to boot? No thanks.

 All praise Thomas Claire which now lets you do it all right from your own home.

With a few strokes of the keyboard, you order a kit
(trinket boxes for us but there are mugs, birthday plates, animal figurines and plenty more) and pick your paint colors. You’ll get a thoughtfully presented box with instructions and everything else you’ll need. Paint the piece at your leisure, then ship it back in the original box. Thomas Claire not only fires and glazes the pieces beautifully, they’ll donate your used paints and brushes to the Boys & Girls club if you don’t want them.

Our pieces returned
looking shiny, professional and perhaps most importantly, not broken. How great is that?

If you don’t see what you are looking for online,
ask owner/mom Kristin Marshall and she can create a custom kit. Some even come with gift wrap. However,
when I suggested that we give our pieces to beloved family members, my children
hugged their art to their chest and resoundingly dismissed my idea. Okay, my little artists, I
understand. –Christina

Congratulations to Trim a Tree kit winners Jill N, Kendra C, Kraig H, Kathy S, and Naomi S!


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