Thanks to my son’s infatuation with cloth books, I’m able to enjoy a good portion of our daily car rides without having to ply him with 400 cheerios I end up cleaning from his carseat later. So I’ve decided to stockpile them, starting with the ridiculously cute “quiet books” from SW Designs.

Mom Shelley Wallace hand creates these amazing soft fabric books, including Discover Dinos (pictured), Colors, or her Halloween counting book Witch’s Brew, all of which would make the most fantastic new baby, one year birthday, or “just because I must have them now!” gift.

If you’re super crafty, Shelley even sells make-it-yourself kits for some of her books, which include all the supplies you’ll need to do it on your own. But since she doesn’t include a personal crafts tutor in with them, I’m going to settle for the already-finished kind. -Kristen


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