I am staring at the spectacular Bathtime Wrap from Beverly Hills-based Petite Miette and once again I am smacking myself on the head and thinking now why did I not think of this first?

Instead of wrapping a baby up in a cumbersome bathrobe over his pajamas–a bathrobe that will become separated from its tie on the second wearing, and be impossible to crawl in–you can grab one of these lush kimono tops instead.

The 100% organic cotton flannel is soft and cushy, the terry lining is thick and thirsty, and the colors are to die for with rich tones like cranberry, mandarin, and a striking blueberry.(White for traditionalists too.) Throw in the towel/bath mitt set while you’re at it and you’ve got a truly luxurious gift that no mama will want to start bath time without.

Yes, all this beauty and craftsmanship and organic goodness and social responsibility courtesy of owner/mom Sarah Odenkirk comes at a price. Surely you have a lottery-winning relative on your shower invitation list, right? –Liz

Order online at One Stop Modern and save 10% at checkout on Petite Miette products with code CMP10 in the “notes” section

Congratulations to Heidi D, winner of the Bathtime Wrap from Petite Miette!