As you probably know, we’re staunch advocates for our readers at CMP – we score you exclusive discount codes, awesome giveaways, $5000 tech makeovers

What? What’s that you say? You weren’t aware that our esteemed sponsor, Intel, was giving away a $5000 tech makeover and we get to help pick the winner? Well, now you know. Just go to the site, dazzle us with a true tale about your (or a friend’s) rotary phone or your dial-up modem on your Commodore 64, and upload some photos or video (if your pathetic computer allows you to do such things) so we can get a really good glimpse at the sadness that is your tech life.

You also might tell everyone you know to go and vote for your entry on site because we do pay attention to these sorts of things. But make sure you do it pronto; the contest closes October 6.

Meanwhile, you can also stop by The Momspeak (courtesy of our sponsor Luvs) and catch up on what we have to say about eco-friendly birthday parties, or the pain of finding a good baby name, among other things. You’ll also find great articles from the authors of ParentHacks, Savvy Source, and Mommytrack’d that are totally worth a read. All for free.

That’s just how much we love you. Group hug.


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