As a bona fide word nerd, I was instantly taken with the name The Regional Assembly of Text, although I had no idea what it meant. (Sort of ironic if you think about it, huh.)

As it turns out, this Vancouver-based online shop curated by design grads Brandy Fedoruk and Rebecca Ann Dolenwas is entirely devoted to all things cool, designy and text-y. This includes funky journals, artful onesies and baby tees, and goodies for around the home. I’m particularly liking the little portable chalkboards (shown)  featuring a vintage line illustration of a boy or a girl.

It’s adorable for message-writing, ABC-practicing, or just plain scribbling, as my 16 month-old will have you know. Which is a precursor to drawing. And writing. And then, maybe, design school and opening a Regional Assembly of Text franchise. –Liz

[via kirtsy]


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