The way I see it, with every baby I have my boobs drop a centimeter. That’s not so bad when you’re wearing a super duper mama bra, but not so great when you’re letting them hang free for those precious 15 minutes before going horizontal at night.

So when desperation calls and gravity sets in, might I suggest CMP super fave Mama Mio’s new Bootcamp for Boobs? This set provides includes two of their awesome potions–Tummy Toner and Boob Tube–along with an actual three-minute exercise programme. (It’s British and fancy.)

Apparently, completing this 30-day regimen will help your boobs remember which way is North. Based on all the other fantastic Mama Mio products I’ve tried, I’m betting my girls will be finding their way back home in no time at all. -Kristen

Congratulations to RE, our Bootcamp for Boobs winner!


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