Oh sure, now that I’m almost done with my third pregnancy, scores of great maternity clothes are popping up everywhere. But considering how uncomfortable (and long) these last few weeks have been, I’m still shopping for anything that can get me through the home stretch without suffocating my belly.

Take the long yoga pants from the high-quality yoga and activewear line,  Zobha. Sure, they look like typical yoga pants at first glance, but there’s a reason they’re called “The Essential Pant.” The  low “v” waistline is simply inspired, particularly for you mamas who can’t stand having anything touch your belly. Plus the fabric has the perfect amount of give that you won’t feel like you have to use the restroom any more than you already do. I haven’t spent the day tugging at them to stay up above my butt, either.

Regardless of whether you’ve mastered the Flying Crow pose or not, you’ll want to add these into your maternity wardrobe stat. Seeing as how I’ve been wearing them literally every day, I only wish I had found them a few months earlier. -Kristen


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