Bibs have made great strides, even since having my son 18 months ago, and now I’ll be far less reluctant to pop the dreaded things on my soon-to-arrive new daughter

All hail CMP fave Mairzey Dotes and mom/owner Sarah Kronland, winning us over this time with her new applique bibs and burp cloths. The sweet, simple designs like the paisley bird or my favorite, the pink owl shown here, reflect Sarah’s penchant for vintage styles. Grab a set for your next baby shower or add them to your own arsenal of bibs and burps as a special treat.

Considering how much time you spend picking out those adorable clothes, if you’re going to cover them up, best to find something just as cute. -Kristen

Use code “CMP15” for 15% off thru Nov 1, 2008

Congratulations to NHW, winner of the bird bib and burp set from Mairzey Dotes!