We go the whole nine yards on Halloween, which this year has me running around town for a child-sized red wig and face paint. But considering my daughter’s extremely sensitive skin, I’m reluctant to just grab cheapo store brand face paints for fear of the sketchy ingredients and wonderful rashes I’ll be dealing with the next day.

Concerned mamas should definitely check out the German-made Artemis Natural Plant-Based Body and Face Paints. They meet all the body paint safety standards (yes, such things do exist) and they’re completely non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry when your kid begs you to be a painted tiger or the Incredible Hulk.

They’re decidedly higher priced than the mainstream alternative, but if you’ve got a preschool face paint addict like I do, then you’ll be getting tons of use out of them for many more holidays and rainy weekends to come. –Kristen

[via Junior Society, photo: danny summerlin]