Look, it can be really hard to suss out which mainstream household
cleaners and personal items are better for you and your family than others. Unless you’re willing to just beat your laundry on some river rocks and brush your teeth with a twig, or pay top dollar for boutique organics all the time, it seems like you’re stuck, right?

Wrong. Now you can click on over to GoodGuide and see how well your own shampoo or glass cleaner rates on a 10-point scale of good karma. In other words, how safe, healthy and green it is.

Really, go read about how they do their ratings; it’s the most comprehensive assessment, accounting for environmental, social, and health factors, that I’ve ever seen. And it’s super easy to compare items too.

I’m trying to get over the fact that my current shampoo only rates a 4 out of 10. I’m bummed, but on the other hand? I’ll choose better, next time, now that I know. -Mir

[photo: tracy clark at shutter sisters]

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