My husband gives me gift cards for a special occasions with the excuse that I’m just way too picky. Most of the time, I roll my eyes at him, however, had he given me one to 1154 Lill Studio, I would say he was a very smart man.

We’re already big fans of 1154 Lill Studio’s design-your-own bag service, which allows you play designer and create everything from a swanky purse to a travel bag. But now with a site redesign and cool new offerings, we can make our own pillows just the way we want them, or accessories like a Jack diaper and wipes holder with a customizable changing mat to come.

One word of advice: Especially with the bags, take them up on the free assistance of one of their designers. They can help you pick the best type of fabrics for your own lifestyle and insure that the ones you do match together, actually, um, match together. -Kristen

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