Not that Yom Kippur is a Hallmark holiday or anything, but oh, how I am sending this Yom Kippur e-card out today to all my friends and observant family.

It, along with a whole slew of other atonement-themed cards (seriously), comes courtesy of someecards, which makes the egreetings that pass for humor on other sites look like they were created by the staff at the DMV.

Non-members of the tribe? You can get in on the fun too with the card that says Have a good whatever Jewish holiday it is–also handy to have bookmarked for Purim, Tu Bishvat, and that other one that no one can pronounce

Do not–I repeat do not–click over if you left your sense of irreverence at home. I’m far too busy to be fielding hate mail today. –Liz


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