I will admit, there are times I am envious of my girls’ use of diaper wipes instead of regular old TP.

What? It’s refreshingly indulgent!

But of course, wipes aren’t flushable, they’re expensive, they’re terrible for the planet, and…well, yeah. They’re diaper wipes. Maybe in another 40 years for me.

I recently had the chance to try something called Aaah, a “toilet paper foam” you pump onto the Charmin to make it more effective, absorbent, and soothing for you–or, if you prefer, turn it into a more eco-friendly alternative to wipes for the kiddos. The stuff is all-natural and infused with aloe so it seems like it would be fine for a baby’s sensitive skin. Invest in the $5 travel size bottle for the diaper bag. Or, your own purse. I won’t tell. –Liz