Thaddeus Rex’s latest CD, Shakin’ in Chicago, is for parents and kids who have moved beyond sugar-sweet versions of You Are My Sunshine. (Read:
all of us). T. Rex has a unique voice and rocks the acoustic guitar in a way that reminded me of the Violent Femmes, if the Femmes had sung cheerful pop-n-rock music for kids with songs like I Still Love Cookies and Dinosaur Living Inside My Head.

The songs are smart, funny, catchy and all those things I pretty much want in my children’s music. I found myself trying to sing along with the powerful voice of Koko Taylor on the title song, Shakin’ in Chicago. And, I still get all verklempt listening to the big brothers’ ode, I’ll Always Follow You, which won a John Lennon Song Writing Contest Grand Prize. What really struck my motherly heart, though, was listening to the uplifting The Stream, which was written by a 10-year-old who won T Rex’s Write Like a Rock Star songwriting contest.

Kids music?  Yes. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening even after the kids are on their way to school. –Christina

Congratulations to Holly F, winner of a copy of Shakin’ in Chicago!

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