If you’re looking for something more eco than a plastic trick or treat bag this year, of course you could paint a pillow case like we like did in the good old days (my parents were green and didn’t even know it!) or reuse a shopping bag you’ve already got on hand. But we’re sort of partial to the limited edition Halloween ChicoBag,

Not only does this sturdy, lightweight nylon bag look cute–it was designed by a 12 year-old in a student contest–but when your kids outgrow it, ChicoBag will recycle it for you. It’s just $4.95 at Nubius Organics and part of the proceeds go towards the not-for-profit, TreeSwing, which, somewhat ironically, helps promote better eating habits in kids.

I guess starting the day after Halloween? –Liz

Want more eco Halloween ideas? Check out greenhalloween.org. It’s great!