If only there was a way to get fabulous clothing, accessories, and other merchandise while helping others in need. Oh, wait–there is.

Shopping at Nest is truly the best of both worlds — the money from your purchases of various artisan goodies are given out as micro-loans to artisan women in developing countries to buy supplies. They even sell some of their resulting work right on Nest in the Global Goods category. (We love those Turkish placemats.)

So just by indulging in some pretty jewelry or a cute outfit for the kids, you’re getting a chance to take part in a cooperative network of mutual support that is bettering women’s lives all across the globe. You can even up the do-gooding ante and toss a direct donation into your cart while your’e there. Now that’s the right way to pursue retail therapy. -Mir

[featured: silvergate earrings from LA’s Bellestyle]

Another amazing Nest vendor is CMP fave Ses Petites Mains, and with the purchase of their beautiful Prudence Dress (also in green) for little girls at their own shop through 10/20, they’ll donate 20% to Nest with code prudence


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