Like it’s not cool enough that she’s married to Christopher Guest and has started in A Fish Called Wanda, and exemplifies the phrase “hot mama”–now Jamie Lee Curtis has an entire children’s book library to her name, and they’re all terrific.

(Okay, yes so I totally have a girl crush on JLC. Guilty.)

Her recent release, Big Words for Little People once again incorporates Laura Cornell’s engaging illustration style that keeps my daughter ogling all the fun little stuff on the page long after I’m ready to turn. But the content itself is really the star–a series of big words presented in rhyming stanzas that kids can enjoy getting to know. Think Pinky Dinky Doo or WordGirl. But you know, in a book.

None of the big words are too big by the way; think words like cooperate and perserverence which your preschooler or early reader may be likely to have heard from you already. Or if not, they will. Especially after asking you to read Big Words for Little People sixteen times in a night. –Liz


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