I used to be really good at remembering names and faces.  A little stalkerish even. But then I had children and a good percentage of my brain cells expired from lack of sleep.  Now I’m lucky if I remember my own name, let alone the names of those three super-cool moms I met ten minutes ago at the park.

So when I checked out Thumbprint Trading Cards, I fell immediately in love.  Much more than mere mommy cards, these two-inch square cards incorporate custom photos along with contact information–ideal for those of us who need a visual memory cue now and then.  Designer/mom Chris Guillot consults extensively with each client to lovingly custom design cards that reflect exactly what you want–you, your kids, or even your business.  The result: elegant calling cards that make a fabulous impression, even if I don’t.

Maybe I’ll still struggle to remember other moms’ names.  But when I hand out my chic new Thumbprint Trading Cards at the park, they’ll be sure to remember mine. –Julie


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