The recent proliferation of organic stuffed animals makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but the story behind these latest creations is one that really shines.

Since 1992, Maggie’s Organics has been making cozy clothing that’s both environmentally and socially sustainable. As if that’s not fab enough (it is), they recently solved the problem of a surplus of not-quite-perfect socks by creating these adorable sock monkeys. They’re made in in the US in a worker-owned co-op from said “imperfect” socks (which are Maggie’s own American-made, organic cotton crews) and stuffed with polyester mill scrap.

The result isn’t quite soft and squishy, but more solid and decor-y. So he’d be right at home in a nursery, sure, but I rather like having one standing sentry here on my desk. -Mir


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