When I think of recycled baubles, pop top pins and earrings made of paper clips spring to mind. But in the case of  Metal Pointus jewelry from Parisian artist (and father of nine!) Bernard Bouhnik, recycled pewter, copper and silver are recast into just lovely, elegant, organic pieces that don’t look at all procured from some flea market table.

The line is pretty emblematic of the kinds of eco-friendly, organic, fair trade and upcycled gifts that you’ll find at the new online shop, Celery Street. This husband and wife-run boutique (awwww) is a terrific one-stop resource for gifts this holiday. I’m digging the fun plush from Scrappynation, great journals, and even an eco-friendly umbrella.

Yep, I said an eco-friendly umbrella.

Hopefully it’s not shielding you from the acid rain. –Liz

Use code COOLMOM15 for 15% off orders through 11/9/08. Also subscribe to Celery Street’s newsletter and be entered to win a signed copy of Christie Matheson’s “Green Chic”


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