I’m all for taking my daughters with me to the poll on election day and introducing them to the cornerstone of our democracy. Besides, in New York, we’ve still got the old skool voting booths, and there’s no way my three-year old would miss out on any kind of button-pressing, lever-pulling opportunity,  civic-minded or not.

But for parents who just can’t bring kids out with you on November 4 for whatever reason, you’re in luck. The Mama Vote promotion is an incredible collaboration between Today’s Mama, Sitter City, and the League of Women Voters, to help parents get their booties to the polls. Register for a Sitter City membership between October 27 (tomorrow!) and November 3, use code “MamaVote08” and you’ll get 50% off a membership. What’s more, the first fifty new members who register on the 27 will get a free babysitter for two hours on election day. 

Hopefully that will be enough – I hear a rumor that you won’t be the only one voting this year.  –Liz

Miss the promotion? You can still get 10% off Sitter City with code COOLMOM.


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