I’m online all day long: On the computer in my office, on my handheld on the go. If you want me, text or email is the way to reach me, which is why I sometimes simply blink at you with incomprehension when you suggest we do things via this paper mail thing or telephone I’ve heard so much about.

That’s why Big Tent is a dream come true for an online junkie like me — I can finally handle all of my PTA interfacing and charitable involvement in one, very nice looking online place.

Big Tent is an absolutely free, family-friendly organizational hub, and offers every solution your playgroup, parents group, school sports team or local charity may need, from calendars to membership payments to photosharing. If you’re a tech-head like me, you’ll use it all. For those who aren’t so online-savvy, it’s still easy to use for the basics.

Now I can continue being involved, but I can do it all online, on the go, in the middle of the night while I simultaneously Twitter and blog… you get the idea. -Mir

Tags: organization

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