I’ve never quite understood why the plushest baby blankets have to be made out of the most unnatural of materials (hello polyester!). Apparently, mom Tamre Sutphen and owner of Shi Shu Style didn’t get it either, and when her son had an allergic reaction to those traditional blankets, she decided to make something equally as plush only without the man-made fibers.

And so, Shi Shu Baby blankets were born – handwoven with cotton and bamboo, and trimmed with a bamboo sateen, thus making them look and feel like a gorgeous keepsake blanket except without that pomp and stuffiness. They’re super soft and breathable which are two requirements, at least in my house.

And since the bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, you can cringe a little less when your toddler decides to suck on the ends and then drag it on the ground. -Kristen

Use code COOLMOM for 15% off your order!

Congratulations to Melissa K, winner of the baby blue snugger from Shi Shu Style!

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