Sure, I slogged through 8 Hundred Million Names For Baby (or whatever that well-thumbed paperback was called) each time I was pregnant, but did that tell me which celebs picked which baby names just last week? Or what names were on the rise in the last month? Of course not.

No book could take into account the ever-changing landscape of name popularity which is why you need a website… say, a delightfully tongue-in-cheek one like Nameberry. They’ll give you name meanings (which you might want to cross-reference) and variations, of course, but what’s especially fun is checking out the latest baby naming escapades from the rich and famous. There are also a variety of really engaging lists, like Boys’ Names Dads Like More Than Moms, and Antiques Ready For Restoration that just might inspire.

I dig it, and I say that as someone whose name appears on the Old-Lady Cool Names list. Hmph. -Mir

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