Is there any better time to reintroduce the joys of tooth-brushing to your kids than Halloween? I’m going to say no. Which gives me the perfect segueway to introduce all of you to the joys of  Recycline’s Preserve toothbrush.

The handle is made entirely of recycled Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups (but don’t worry, the bristles are brand new nylon). When you’re done with it in a few months, send it back postage-paid and it will be turned into a picnic table.

If you love the idea, and really, who wouldn’t, Recycline also makes a dandy, colorful selection of tableware, food storage containers and other personal care items. They’re all BPA free and dishwasher safe too.

Okay, back to picking out the mini Baby Ruths from the candy bowl. Sorry, neighbor kids. –Liz

Happy Halloween cool moms!


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