I have allowed my children to invade nearly all areas of my life.  There are chicken nuggets in my freezer, tricycles in my driveway, and hordes of toys in every room of the house. But I admit I’ve drawn the line at listening to children’s music, even the undoubtedly fabulous selections featured here on Cool Mom Picks. My kids will listen to my own music and like it.

But then I heard LeeAnn Anderson’s debut CD, Light As Air, and I had to make an exception. Black Eyed Peas made me giggle, Drift Away made me sing along, and Mirror Image made me want to sweep up my girls and hold them tightly.  Every single track is a winner and even the CD’s packaging is beautiful.

LeeAnn’s lovely voice, clever lyrics, and dynamic array of songs make this CD well worth listening to long after the kids have exited the car. -Julie

Congratulations to CD winners Kristie N, Laree I, and Vanessa C!


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