I’ve tried to use babysitter notepads, but they’re either too labor intensive, or they don’t have spots for the information I think is important. So I usually end up just writing out my own on a blank piece of paper, until I found the Babysitter Notes from Tiny-Tales.

These simple notepads are sorted by simple one-word prompts with just enough space underneath for you to get your point across without having to write a book – which c’mon – does the sitter really read it anyway? You’ll find the three biggies,  eat, bathe and sleep, along with my faves, okay and not okay.

Particularly smart for factchecking my sneaky preschooler who will tell the sitter that she gets candy as a bedtime snack. -Kristen

Use code COOLMOM08 for 25% off your order through 11/30/08


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