Here at CMP, we see a lot of fabulous products created by entrepreneurs. But we don’t always get a chance to delve deeper into the stories behind those products. So we’ve been waiting eagerly for the brand new product discovery site, The Daily Grommet which just launched in beta 

They use video to highlight one incredible find a day for moms that hasn’t yet hit the big time–well, mostly. I can’t quite say that Hanky Panky thongs are yet unheard of considering you can get them in every department store. But I did like discovering a new Japanese kind of mascara. CMP readers will also recognize items like the CARES flight safety restraint system and the (oopdoo)hug boo-boo soother. The best of all, you can buy the item right off the Daily Grommet site.

With video demos, commentary from the creators, and reader feedback The Daily Grommet feels sort of like “This Is Your Life!” for the design set. Fun. -Julie


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