Feet certainly don’t get any cuter with age, so I figure I might as well leave my kids’ toes bare for as long as I can. But while bare toes are adorable, they look a little out of place paired with a velveteen dress or flannel trousers in holiday photos.

The Little EDA shearling booties at Bean New York are a perfect choice for winter photo ops and other occasions where toasty toes are a necessity. Available in chocolate, pumpkin, or sage and lined in wonderfully soft shearling, they’re so warm and cozy and luxurious I wish they made them in my size.

Okay, so they’re a bit of a splurge at $40.  But a holiday photo that’s perfect all the way down to the tootsie-coverings?  That’s priceless. -Julie

Congratulations to Joyce K, winner of the adorable chocolate shearling booties!


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