I’m a sucker for vintage fabrics, even when I know they’re going to be used to sop up body fluids that you could never have imagined you’d spend quite so much time with back in your prepartum days. That’s why I’m loving the handmade Dick and Jane burp cloth from designer Kelly Cowan. The minkie backing might seem a little counterintuitive for a burp cloth, but hey, all things being equal, why not let your princess puke into something plush?

Kelly makes some really nice matching blankets and changing pads, and I’m guessing she’ll do custom orders if you want a specific set from one of the designer fabrics she works with. At such terrific prices (burps start at just $7), I say go for it. Dick and Jane would probably be equally as cute with newborn poop on them too. –Liz

Congratulations to Ashley W, winner of the Dick and Jane burp cloth!


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