We have our fair share of toys that beep, blink or speak, but one of my
son’s favorites are his no-battery-required wooden unit blocks from City & Country School. Now available through the cool Kid O
, these 100% European Beech blocks don’t just become a road for
his cars or a
gravity-defying skyscraper; they are also tools that teach him basic
geometry, physics, creativity and, of course, patience when his two
sisters step in to play.

I love that City & Country has developed a three-step system
for introducing unit blocks to kids as young as one, that start with the basics and move onto different shapes and colors. By the time my little guy is
six, I plan to have multiple sets from each of the three steps so that
he can build whatever civilization his little heart desires.

Just as long as he
promises to pick it all up when he’s done. –Christina

Congratulations to Toni A, winner of a set of Unit Blocks!


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