I suppose they could’ve come up with a different name for Better World Books, but when you’re really making a better world for everyone through a love of books, well, the name fits. Perfectly.

Next time you shop for books, consider the option that is both saving books from the landfills–more than 13 million so far–and directly funding literacy efforts worldwide. Basically it’s like shopping one of those big sites but with way better karma. Shipping is always free in the United States ( just $3.97 for the rest of the world), with every book shipped carbon-neutral thanks to offsets from Carbonfund.org, too.

You get the books you wanted, and you’re promoting literacy throughout the world–the site’s partners include do-gooders like Worldfund and the National Center for Family Literacy. But hey, if you don’t need that sort of warm fuzziness, suit yourself. -Mir