Merino wool? Old hat. Soy cotton? So last week. The new hot luxury fabric of the day it would seem is hand-combed yak hair. Heavenly soft like cashmere, thick and yummy in every way.

Sound appealing? Then check out Shokay (Tibetan for yak), a socially conscious company that supports struggling Tibetan yak farmers through the sale of exquisite kids clothes, women’s accessories, plus indulgent pillows and throws all made of the luxury fiber.

It is painfully hard to pare down the wish list from the shop into a single manageable paragraph, but I think I’m going to go with the Tenzing Norgay booties as an affordable newborn gift, or for an older kid,  the Qui-Pao Chinese Jacket. I also love the knot of eternity scarf and matching mittens–truly elegant in person in grey and white. Prefer pink? Azure? Chocolate? No worries. You get the opportunity to customize any Shokay product in one of two dozen stunning colors. Even better, if you buy three baby products, you get this cool little suitcase free to present them in.

Oh, and if there’s anyone out there reading who’s wondering what to get me for the holidays? That sweet little $460 Windmill Throw has my name all over it. –Liz

Congratulations to Merici H, lucky winner of the navy hoodie capelet!


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