Since scarves are The Thing these days, I’ve been keeping a more focused eye on the NYC street vendors to see if any of their knockoffs are jumping out at me.

Nope, not yet. Mostly, the same old fake Burberry and pashminas from 2000.

So I was happy to stumble onto the long jersey scarf from Shade Clothing, which is a great deal at less than 10 bucks, and comes in some nice bright colors. Did I mention it’s less than 10 bucks?

As you poke around the shop, keep in mind that the label was started by two moms in part to help women “cover up” more (you big slutbags) so this is the kind of stuff you’ll like if you’re not into plunging necklines. There’s also a nice looking line of maternity tops that keep the with child set feeling stylish in the $20-30 range. And that’s saying a whole lot. –Liz


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