I still remember seeing a colorful print called Lea’s Alphabets on this site even back before I was writing here. What made that alphabet artwork
pop for me was Gregoire Ganter’s
amazing photographs of street signs and images from cities all around
the world. I remember thinking how great it’d look in my daughters’
room, but, alas, our budget was tied up in such boring things as
“mortgage” and “preschool”.

So I was thrilled to
see that the same inventive idea used for Lea’s Alphabets has been
translated into a set of 26 recession-friendly magnets.

Unlike those cheesy plastic letters
that magically appeared on my refrigerator after childbirth, these
magnets are funky and fun and will add a little color to the otherwise
boring facade of my fridge. Plus, my kids will love to play with these
tiny works of art, and I don’t have to beg them to keep their
adorably dirty fingers off the artwork. – Christina


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