A few years ago, this handbag fanatic would have fallen over had someone told me I’d be hoarding diaper bags, but considering how amazing they’ve all gotten, you might understand my obsession. And since finding the Bohemian inspired Pinnington Bags, I’m thinking you’ll not only understand my point of view you’ll probably find yourself in my camp.

Designed by Carly Liberatore and completely handmade, these bags combine function, fashion, and fabulous fabrics in an extremely artistic way. On one hand, you’ll feel like you’re carrying a work of art in head-turning patterns, but on the other, you’ll definitely be pleased with the bag’s function; particularly the bright, wipeable laminated inner lining which will take any mom’s breath away.

It’s no wonder Carly’s got quite the celebrity following. Granted you might need an A-list salary to afford one but isn’t that what Santa is for? -Kristen

Congratulations to extra-lucky winner Henny D – she’ll receive the gorgeous Pinnington Bag!

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